​With an emphasis on fresh, local and seasonal produce, our menu serves a locally-rooted Atlantic cuisine drawing on Mediterranean influences. 


​A deliberate curation of purposeful and immersive experiences, our 'Culture & Community' programme is rooted in self-exploration and creative expression, nourishing collective transformation through play.


​A melting pot of sonic ideas explored through musical experimentation & collaboration, our team crafts a soundscape encompassing rhythms of different epochs and cultures, bridging the divide between acoustic instruments and electronic sounds in a gradual, symbiotic dance.


​Rove is a club for dedicated surfers and aspiring wave-chasers committed to developing the Lisbon surf culture, based particularly in our home, on the shores of Caparica, recognised for renowned breaks and year-long season.

​This collaboration with Rove founder Guilherme Amaral, a homegrown surf local, unites local surfers through weekly classes, workshops and community events.


Co-designed by CEO and Art Director Sacha Gielbaum in collaboration with Interior Designer Juliana Cavalcanti, our home fosters an open yet intimate environment abound with natural materials, earthy colours and muted tones. 

Our intention is to nurture a feeling of home by creating a comfortable and minimalist design imbued in a sober elegance that is true to reîa’s distinctive feminine identity.